West Ashley United

Community. Education. Engagement. Advocacy. Diversity. Conservation.

West Ashley United works to engage all neighborhoods, businesses, and governmental agencies to enhance the many aspects of our suburban community with a commitment to communication, civic education, diversity, advocacy and conservation.



West Ashley United supports a strong community

Community is where we live, where we work, where we play. It is you. It is me. It is us. West Ashley United was formed with a mission to unite the many diverse voices of West Ashley, provide a forum for conversation, action, and elevate a sense of pride and ownership in our community.


West Ashley United educates our community

Education is paramount to achieving the mission of community pride, involvement, and ownership. Check out our links for government meetings, policies, procedures, and jurisdictions; community activities, and school board information. Just a few examples of how West Ashley United strives to educate through communication.


West Ashley United helps create an engaged community

Engagement brings our many voices together to build consensus and take action to better our community. What will move you to get involved? To take the next step? Go to a meeting? Become a neighborhood leader? To fund a project? How will you engage to make a difference?


West Ashley United was created in the fall of 2015 by West Ashley residents who desired to bring our neighbors and business owners together – to unite as one – and work as a unified body to achieve common goals in our community – by giving West Ashley a much needed voice, empowering, informing, and helping our residents and business owners.


While our goals are many, service to the community is at the forefront of the mission of West Ashley United. We hope to empower our area’s residents and business owners by encouraging active involvement and participation in important decisions that help to shape the future of West Ashley. Together we can make a positive difference.


Advocacy is an important aspect of the mission of West Ashley United.

Advocacy means “public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.” West Ashley United endeavors to work toward championing the needs of West Ashley and encourage participation for improved outcomes and positive change.


West Ashley United promotes the development of a diverse and strong community.

Diversity is what makes West Ashley great and unique. West Ashley United recognizes that inclusion and respect for the history and individuality of our neighborhoods, enterprise, and residents will truly unite us.


West Ashley United supports conservation.

Conservation of our natural resources, our unique history, and our suburban way of life is an important mission of West Ashley United. Nurturing our natural spaces, waterways, and historical roots connects us to each other and to our community.


West Ashley residents want to become involved in shaping the future of our area. West Ashley United strives to keep residents informed by explaining city, county, and state processes, encouraging attendance at council and community meetings, and fostering informed and constructive dialogue on issues that impact us all.


Our area businesses face unique challenges. West Ashley United strives to unite our business community, to encourage participation in the revitalization of West Ashley’s commercial corridors, discuss issues facing our business community, and work together to promote West Ashley’s businesses while encouraging our residents to patronize and support our community’s stores, services, and restaurants.

Support West Ashley United

Please support West Ashley United’s mission and work. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.
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