Executive Director


Teresa Mellis Tidestrom is a “been here”. Her earliest memories are of playing on the sidewalks of the cozy streets of the peninsula. Once she moved West of the Ashley River to James Island, her sense of community grew as her parents insisted that she be involved in all school, community, and church activities. Her love for the area blossomed into a mission and a vision that became West Ashley United.



Teresa Tidestrom, Executive Director, West Ashley United


West Ashley United Photo of Geese on the Greenway


Board of Directors


List of Officers and Members:

  • Carlton Swift – President
  • Mark Shannon – Treasurer
  • Kristi Tolley -Secretary
  • Dale Aren – Member at Large
  • Donna Jacobs – Member at Large

History of West Ashley United


In 2015 Charleston was preparing to elect a new Mayor for the first time in 40 years. West Ashley Mayoral Forum was created to provide a voice for the community in this election. West Ashley United grew from this beginning into Facebook presence to begin to create community, educate, engage, advocate, and promote diversity and conservation. In 2018, the granting of its 501(c)(3) status elevated West Ashley United’s mission and vision. This website hopes to be a tool for West Ashley United to execute its vision and mission.



Welcome to Charleston, West Ashley